AnimaNera (Black Soul) the best coffee from Puerto Rico…

Immerse in the AnimaNera coffee experience and savor the pure essence of this island.

Immerse in the AnimaNera coffee experience and savor the pure essence of Puerto Rico.


AnimaNera relives the ancient process of cultivation, harvesting and selecting by hand, one by one, only the perfect berries. Finally, the roasting process gives the final product an organoleptic characteristic that results in an exquisite and balanced coffee both in flavor and aroma. The label of AnimaNera (The Black Soul) is created by Puerto Rican artists.

Our history

Since its inception, AnimaNera was driven by a great passion for the coffee culture of Puerto Rico and the desire to export a product worthy of a sophisticated coffee lover.

This story begins with the arrival of the Italian sommelier Sandro Giulimondi in Puerto Rico, 25 years ago. His innate passion for coffee, wines and this beautiful island, inspired him to embark on the adventure of producing the best coffee, recreating the taste and quality that made the Vatican City and all Europe fell in love.

To develop a product of great excellence, we designed and implemented the most rigorous quality control program. The perfect coffee is not only elaborated based on meticulous protocols for growing, drying and roasting it, but also adopts procedures that support the environmental and social well-being of coffee communities.

Our coffee

Handpicked red ripe cherries, 100% Arabica beans from shadow and semi-shadow trees.
Typica, Caturra and Limaní varieties.
Carefully washed with spring water, pulped and dried to be classified and selected by color, density and size.
Cultivated at approximately 2,500-3,000 feet above sea level.

Thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Caribbean Sea in the south, Puerto Rico possess a unique climate, fertile soils, pure water, tropical temperature and appropriate cultivation altitudes to shape the Arabica grain, recognized by its rich texture, captivating aroma and exquisite flavor.

With their hands, the artisans of coffee guarantee that each AnimaNera cup is filled with the finest coffee from our land. In the same way that we take care of our grain, we take care of the hands of those who cultivate it