AnimaNera Specialty | Medium Dark Roast 12oz


100% Arabica and is composed of several varieties: Typica, Bourbon and Limaní all grown in the best areas of Puerto Rico: Maricao, Adjuntas and Lares. Meticulous selection and careful hand picking characterizes the harvest. The slow ripening process obliges the pickers to spend day after day in the coffee plantations to collect only the ripest beans.


Coffee is produced solely in the zone between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. In the countries close to the equator, the coffee tree grows only at high altitudes, but in the more temperate climates lower altitudes produce far finer coffee, especially when the ripening is prolonged. Puerto Rico has both the right latitude for shade-grown coffee and the weather patterns typical of mountainous terrain, making it one of the great coffee regions of Central America.
From a small plantation in the mountain of Puerto Rico, where coffee has been produced since 1736, the very aroma favored by European royalty and even the Pope in the late 1800s, deep in the Island’s tropical rainforest finally, was discovered the element of “ANIMANERA”, The Black Soul.


Organoleptic characteristics: distinguished itself for the intensity of its fine and delicate aromas with floral sensations, milk chocolate and hazelnut. Offers a consistent and buttery cream sweet sensation that develops in the nose. The color is medium dark showing many dry extracts and represents the typical degree of roasting which is used in Puerto Rico. In mouth it is full-bodied, broad and balanced, with a sweet and intense aromatic persistence. A delicate acidity which leaves in the mouth a clean feeling, offers a final and intense and persistent aftertaste toasted hazelnuts and bread crust.

Made and produced with 100% Puerto Rican coffee
Responsibly grown. Ethically traded

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Peso 0.75 lbs
Dimensiones 9.5 × 12 × 2 in
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